06 February 2024

Neet Examination 2024 is destiny for many of us. Of course, who does not want to save the mankind like a real superhero? But cracking to the medical is like swimming in the ocean of fire. You must make yourself strong and have patience in every way possible. 
No worries, we got you! Another day, another blog to make your life a little amazing. 

So, let’s roll into it. 

1.    Effective Time Management. 

I know, you have heard this advice tons of times, but you must master time management. Otherwise, things are going to be very difficult for you. And I am not here to say “Make a timetable and stick to it.” 

See you are into a world where you cannot ignore the basic things. Like eating, sleeping, bathing, and many more. Try to take a bath in less than 20 minutes, and try to eat the meal in less than 20 minutes. Like this, you are going to have more time for yourself and your studies too. 

2.    Reach Out for Help

It’s okay to ask for help. You are a human, not a robot and you too want to vent out things. Talk to your loved ones. It’s gonna help you out to burn your stress. 

Please try to talk to a positive person, because the vibe and the aura matter a lot. No one wants to feel inactive and demotivated. But when you talk to a negative person, you surely will start feeling these kinds of energy. 

3.    Positive Self Talk 

Talking to yourself can give you better and desirable results. Try to talk to yourself in front of the mirror at least for 5 minutes in the morning. And the positivity will rush in your blood. 


4.    Do Not Compare Yourself

Every individual is different and unique. If you are preparing for NEET then you know these things better than us. So, STOP COMPARING YOURSELF! You are just wasting your time and energy. You do gonna crack this examination. 


I hope the above advice helped you out in some ways. Just remember, doctors were once students too and they are human also. They are not from outer space. If they can do it then you can do it too. 
Leave your opinion, queries, or doubts. We will get back to you. Happy Study!

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